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Running Strong for American Indian Youth

My personal message:

Thank you for your support.  I start with a thank you because you took the time to look at this page and consider the option of giving to the Running Strong program in memory of Bart Mohawk.

Bart's Story

Barton Lee Mohawk, Wolf Clan Seneca from the Cattaraugus Territory in Western New York , passed into the spirit world on July 30, 2006 at the young age of 21.  He was a little boy with striking eyes who became a tall, handsome and athletic man.  His many friends and family knew him to be soft spoken, gentle and kind hearted.  Bart was open-minded, very personable and felt equally at home with bikers as with college students. He was an outdoorsman who lived in a rustic log cabin and hunted with a bow and flint lock muzzleloader.  He also loved the adventure and freedom of riding his Harley Davidson and exploring in the woods.  Bart's athletic abilities are legendary at his former high school and the Seneca Nation.  He was equally embraced by the native and non-native community, which is a true reflection of how much he was loved.

My Story

My name is Ya'dao'oh in the seneca language.  It roughly translates to "Good Friend".  I have three son's Hoya'daiwat (8), Hogaiyo' (4) and Joiise (2) who are filled with energy, love and insight.  I say these things because they are what they give me.  They give me energy to live, they give me insight into how to love more and of course they fill my heart with love.

I have been tremendously helped throughout my life by people who have cared and loved me, including Shawna my wife who initiated this web page for me.

I feel that it is a part of our nature as Indian people to take the opportunity to help others, to make sacrifices for others and to ensure that our future children learn that lesson and follow it.

I run for Bart, his mom Annette, his sister Shanelle, his aunt Natalie and all his family which I am a part of.  I also run in support of programs like Running Strong which look to give Indian youth the chances that I had from such programs and the people who supported them.  I also run for my own health and spiritual well being. This will be my first marathon that i am participating in.

We have 12 runners and walkers on our team and for some of us it’s our first marathon.  The team members are; Phillip Hillaire, (Lummi Nation);  Jane DeMarines, NAIHC; Barbara Renshof, NAIHC; Lena Duncan, (Southern Ute, Utah); Jennifer McLaughlin, NAIHC;   Jared King, (Dine Navajo); Natalie Hemlock; Joseph Valandra; Allison Binney; Adrian John, (Seneca Nation); Shanelle Nephew and Vinni Scott. We have all agreed to raise $500 each for Running Strong for American Indian Youth, so please help us raise these much needed funds.

I hope that you give your full support to this worth while fundraiser.

Thank you

Adrian John


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