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Grassroots Indigenous Cabin Build Project

I guess these could go in Six Nations, but since it's in Canada, will post it here. If you have a FB, the photos posted of the cabin building, etc are really heart-touching! The cabin is built.

Amelia Skunk Humane Habitat Project

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Amelia-Sk … 8237263029

Urgent need for housing for elder Amelia Skunk in Savant Lake, north of Sioux Lookout, Ontario, Canada.
Amelia Skunk is a 73 years old Ojibway Elder and still uses an older model saw to cut as much wood as she can to keep herself fit. She does not want to leave where she is and go to an old folks/nursing home. As most elderly people are – They want to stay where they have lived for most of their lives. That is why the house is going to be built where SHE wants it: Feet away from where her current house is. It was suggested that she vacate her home and let it be torn down to have the new one built right on top of the old one but there is no where to house her temporarily. She was so excited when the area was being marked off and was the first one out there to help tie the rope to mark where it is to go > Laughing in anticipation! She is asking for help and is in fear that the house might squash her when the wind blows harder. It creaks in the wind as it is...

The primary spokeswoman - Darlene Necan, lives on Social Assistance, has taken on this initiative and is using the natural resources (trees) in her community to build Amelia a safe warm home before the colder northern winter hits in January. She is asking for help from anyone and anywhere for strong people to haul, de-bark, and fall approximately 100 trees to the Elder’s site. The foundation will be started as soon as approximately 40 logs are ready. At this time the need for strong backs will be most prominent request. The log home is being built from the ground up on donations, good hearts and minds, and the strength of the people volunteering.

Darlene has been the heart and soul to which this project was started and can be reached at....

Also, Darlene Necan's next project:

Grassroots Indigenous Cabin Build Project

http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/grass … ld-project

Grassroots women from the Ojibway Nation of Saugeen are calling for support in building a log cabin as a base to protect Mother Earth and fight homelessness.

Grassroots Homebuilding Movement

Grassroots women from the Ojibway Nation of Saugeen, in northwestern Ontario, are taking action to protect Mother Earth and improve their lives, by beginning a homebuilding movement.

Conditions on their reserve are intolerable. Members of the community face extreme poverty and homelessness, while mining and forestry companies profit off destroying their land and traditional food sources. In organizing to excercise treaty rights by building homes on their traplines off-reserve,  the group of women are led by Darlene Necan, a hunter and trapper, and spokesperson for off-reserve members.

They calling for support from people within and outside her community to help Darlene in building a log cabin that can also serve as a gathering place. She will then lead the building of homes for other young homeless families who want to return to living on the land.

The ILPS Commission in Support of Indigenous People’s Struggles  is stepping up to meet Darlene’s call for material support. We are now organizing a two week trip to Darlene’s community to bring activists from a variety of different communities and organizations to help in this direct form of people to people solidarity.  It is not just the home that were building –  we are also building the all-important personal and political relationships upon which a political movement to seek social justice requires.

We are asking for $5,000  - as an acheivable online goal - to cover the cost of building materials and transportation in order to start and complete the cabin build in two weeks. However, we need another $5,000 to sustain this homebuilding movement work during and beyond the trip. Please help us surpass the goal on this site!! The money will go to the ILPS Commission in Support of Indigenous People's Struggles, which will purchase all the supplies and organize the transportation to the territory.

We have beautiful gifts to offer for your much appreciated donations! We have a variety of hand-made Native crafts made by a young family in Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, as well as by an Ojibway woman who is helping to organize this cabin build project. We are offering back issues of the Upping the Anti Journal - a Journal of Theory and Action. We can also offer the Land Defenders Mixtape - a mix of revolutionary tracks from Native and non-Native artists who all speak to the need to defend the land.
The Impact

Your contribution will help address one of the most fundamental injustices created by colonialism. It will go directly to a struggle to address homelessness and protect the land. A fight for social justice and Mother Earth, is a fight for all of us.

The grassroots group of Saugeen women and the ILPS Commission in Support of Indigenous People's Struggles are experienced in leading and supporting strong efforts to seek justice for Indigenous communities.

Faced with continued  inaction from local, regional, and national leaders, Darlene and other women decided they had to take action themselves. In  2011 – without institutional or government support – they came together to build a log cabin for Ameila Skunk, an elder in the community who was suffering frostbite year after year due to living in a building originally built as a chicken barn in 1911. Thanks to the efforts of Darlene and her friends, Amelia Skunk now lives in a safe, warm, and well constructed log cabin home. For more info and photos:
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Amelia-S … 29?fref=ts

Before the Idle No More Movement came on the scene and before the journey of Nishiyuu, Darlene led a walk with Saugeen women, men and youth for 28 days from their community to Parliament Hill in Ottawa in September of 2012 to inform government of the lack of housing in their community.
You can also mail a cheque

If you do not feel comfortable donating online or do not have a credit card, donations via cheque are very much needed. You can still choose a gift, and write it on the cheque.

Cheques can be made out to: First Nations Solidarity Working Group

And mailed to:

Laura Lepper

193 Tansley Rd.

Thornhill, ON

L4J 2Y8

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are not able to contribute funds, we would also greatly appreciate donations of tools and camping supplies. Email: ilpsindigenouscommission@gmail.com

And of course, please spread the word about this important project far and wide!

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