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Re: Dutch in New Amsterdam

Yes, it might have been more concise to say "trained from their youth within the culture of their people". I have no idea where you fit into your own culture.

Generalizations are usually necessary for nameless people who are technically strangers to me. I have been pursuing Native spirituality and culture long enough to make some generalized observations about people I have encountered over the years; no reference to you, personally, was implied or intended. I can provide a lengthy list of those who fit into the second category I referenced. Where I live, the vast majority of people comprising the "Native" community are late-comers to Native spirituality and culture, including myself.

My list of those who fit the first category is much shorter. Over the years, I have been blessed to meet a few traditional people who grew up in their culture. I was grateful for whatever assistance they could offer to me. It took a while to learn to listen more than speak. When you come from outside of the cultural community, you earn the right to even listen.

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