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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the amount of spam registrations we must individually activate your account. We are sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. Welcome to the forum. __________________________________________ While this is an open forum and everyone is free to join some things are not acceptable * Spamming is not acceptable and will be deleted and banned * Flaming is not acceptable, report to a mod or admin. * Attacking a member/moderator/administrator of Woodland Indian forum here is not acceptable. If you have a problem with someone contact one of the admins. * Inappropriate posts (pornography, sexually explicit, revealing private information) will be deleted without prior notice. * deregatory remarks concerning religions, cultures, nations, or race * Posting a link to another forum or website is permissible as long as the content of that website is appropriate. * If you disagree with a topic posted, we encourage your input and opinions, attack the message NOT the messenger --------------------------------------------------------------------------- � Consequences for violation of forum rules include: 1. warning or infraction issued by a moderator or administrator 2. editing or deletion of the offending post 3. account suspension 4. permanent ban Upon registering for the forum, you agree that you will comply with the forums guidelines. Determination of what constitutes a breach of the Woodland Indians forum rules and guidelines rests solely with the administrators.

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